Thursday, July 24, 2014

Major Update - Menu Page

Just released a major update this morning that removes the menu bar from the tabletop and moves it to a separate menu page. This let's you experience an uncluttered tabletop that uses all the available screen real-estate for the game layout which is especially important on smaller devices like tablets and smartphones.

You can invoke the menu from any game by clicking the button at the bottom right corner of the tabletop. This will open the menu in a new browser window so it doesn't disturb your game in progress. Selecting a game from the menu page opens the game in a new browser window optimized to give you the best experience possible on your platform.


Sunday, July 6, 2014

Animation Begins ...

Just released a new version that includes the first implementation of animation (sliding cards in SolitairePyramid and Golf). So far all card movements have been one-shot "snaps" to the new location. This can be distracting when trying to follow the flow of the game. Card animation is the last feature that the native Windows version of Quick Solitaire has that the web version does not. Well that is about to end.

Implementing animation is different in a web application than in Windows so it took some time to get familiar with the techniques in JavaScript. Turns out my web implementation is actually better than my Windows implementation since I needed to re-architect how the animation works resulting in more flexible and scalable code.

Animation also helps you better understand the rules of the game since where the cards come from and where they go becomes more obvious.

There is more animation work to do so watch for updates.